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Crypto Mining

If you come to Best Energies to learn about mining, and how to earn revenue, you may have already dealt with the matter of cryptographic currencies.

These virtual currencies floating in parallel to the Fiat currencies such as CHF / EUR / USD, for the most part do not have a National Bank or any other central office that issues them, but are completely decentralized, democratic and independent. The system, therefore, relies on the participation of the Community in order to confirm the various transactions between them. This is the point where mining becomes important to us. For this activity of confirming and maintaining the network, the participants are rewarded at regular intervals – on the one hand with transaction fees, on the other hand with completely new value units, and thus a share of the then available units / coins.

No better place to efficiently start crypto mining

Hydro Mining Farms

The location of all the farms currently are in operation in Austria which, in addition to legal stability and safety provided by the available hydropower, provides extremely cheap and environmentally friendly energy.

Mining Packages

Choose one of our 3 available „Mining Packages“ and efficiently start to earn cryptocurrencies.

Start Crypto Mining

Please send us a message if you would like to get advice from one of our crypto mining specialists.

Crypto mining

Market Situation

At the moment, a large number of private individuals and companies offer mining services on the market. Unfortunately, the oversupply and the true gold digger mood it is no longer easy, even for professional providers. We are here for the investor to make it reputable and profitable.

Some try to sell their customers pure computing power (hash power / mining power) at high prices, others rent equipment at even higher prices and leave customers at risk. This now flushes millions into the coffers of the operators, but only a fraction of the money is passed on to the investors and the investments only pays off very slowly, if at all.

We position ourselves clearly and transparently as a counter trend and want to become the market leader in Europe in the long term, and our customers should feel secure and bound by the services and earnings provided and not by contractual clauses.

We work exclusively with local and international professionals in these fields, both hardware suppliers, state-owned energy suppliers, and resourceful technicians to deliver optimized results for all involved.



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