Best Energies Corp.

Hydro Mining Farms

The location of all the farms is currently in operation in Austria which.  The legal stability and safety provided by the available hydropower provides extremely cheap and environmentally friendly energy. An additional location, in Switzerland which has similar conditions, is already being planned.

The Best Energies Community Mining Farm is always made up of separate individual farms, with a minimum of 500 mining calculators, for 3 of the major cryptographic currencies on the exchanges. The farms produce 24/7, coins of the various cryptic currencies that are accumulated in wallets of coins for the pool payouts.


As already mentioned, the type of energy supply has a massive influence on the productivity and environmental compatibility of the overall project. Best Energies Mining is operated exclusively with alternative electricity from wind or hydroelectric power plants. Furthermore, targeted power and equipment management will secure and optimize the duration and yields of the mining farm over the long term. The best way to remain competitive is to avoid network costs and to use low-cost energy sources that are carbon-friendly and have already exhausted the subsidies.


The final yield of the mining depends on the cost of the electricity used for the mining power, the object, administration and the trading price on the stock exchanges. This revenue is shown on the Best Energies Mining Platform to determine the value of the pro-rated mining service and then to fully distribute it to the owners and participants of the mining farms.

The Best Energies mining farms are fundamentally dynamically designed to be able to react to fluctuations depending on profitability and effort. At the time of writing, these include Ethereum, ETC and Bitcoin, which are powered by CPU / GPU high performance computers. These are more flexible than ASICs designed specifically for a kind of hash.


In advance – an investment in crypto-mining and / or crypto-currency is highly speculative. Each participant must be aware that a loss of the value of virtual currencies may occur.

With Best Energies Mining, however, the participant has, compared to all other forms of the competition, the 100% certainty of investing in the hardware used, the calculators themselves. These can still be recycled in the worst case for completely different purposes, albeit here, of course with a large discount is expected.

Best Energies Mining offers its partners different and freely selectable variants of cooperation:

The “safest” path is taken when the virtual income is converted into a state-owned Fiat currency at short intervals. So you come, for example monthly to return in CHF / EUR / USD and can dispose of them immediately.

In this variant, the participant decides to convert only a portion of the earnings in a timely manner. Depending on the chosen strategy, an additional profit option is created if the price of the held crypto assets develops positively. According to analysts, high additional returns can be earned in the medium term.

If you want to be a part of the crypto wave, you can monthly transfer all income directly to the owners wallet in cryptographic currency and it is possible to take the full potential of the price gains and growth rates.
A concrete calculation of the actual income is not only dubious, but is impossible to prove – there are simply too many variables on the market that have influence on it.

• Energy costs
• Hardware costs & repairs
• Difficulty (the level of difficulty that increases as more miners participate, but may also decrease as blockchain rules are changed)
• Exchange rates & expenses
• and in particular: performance of the respective virtual currencies
• u.v.m.

The period of time in which a return on investment (ROI) would be achieved cannot be exactly determined, but you can use numbers from the past for a rough estimate.

In our planning, we assume that a relatively rish-adverse partner could achieve ROI within around 24-36 months.

A partner who is convinced of the future of crypto currencies and would like to take the price gains can in some cases after a few months get the capital invested in the hardware from the revenues covered from the figures of recent months.

In summary, it can be said that it is conceivable that the hardware used can yield between 3% and 10% of its acquisition costs per month as a return.

In the mentioned Scenario A) and with a volume of EUR 250’000, a monthly return from the start of production i.d.H.v. would be approximately EUR 7’500 to a break even within 33 months.

For Scenario B), at EUR 250’000, you can imagine a return of around EUR 7,500 in addition to crypto values, which at projected value growth at the end of about 20 months could also roughly equal the same.

In Scenario C), the total return in crypto can increase the value within a few months (note the current price movements and forecasts) that if the proceeds were raised at a good time, all costs would be covered most quickly.

Example Calculation 2017

July 2017 until the end of 2017

  • Investment
  • 01.07.2017
  • 08.12.2017
  • 31.12.2017
  • 500.000,00
  • 01.07.2017
  • 501.500,00
  • 671.000,00
  • Start Mining
  • Break Even
  • End 2017